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tv   British Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  November 30, 2016 8:56pm-9:35pm EST

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icon for the western united states. he was a person that represented the interests of the west. >> and jared smith, curator of history at the tempe history museum shows us the contributions made by charles hayden credited with founding tempe. >> charles is originally born in connecticut and he comes out west during the course of his life. travels over the santa fe trail. he runs freight and eventually makes it to arizona in the 1850s. >> the cspan cities tour saturday at noon eastern on cspan 2 book tv and on american history tv on cspan 3. working with cities across the country. >> in this week's session the prime minister's questions prime minister teresa may addressed the topics of brexit and
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humanitarian efforts in syria. this is 35 minutes. >> order. questions to the prime minister. caroline lucas. >> thank you. i'm sure the whole house would like to join me in wishing people across the world a very happy st. andrews day. this morning i have meetings with colleagues and others and in addition to my duties in this house i should have further such meetings later today. >> thank you mr. speaker. can i suggest that having your cake and eating it isn't a series strategy for brexit. britain deserves better than having to rely on leaked documents to know the governments plans. how on earth can she expect to vote to trigger article 50 when she refuses to give any clarity as to what kind of brexit she is
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pursuing. is it arrogance or incompetence? >> prime minister, i have answered this question many times in this house like a surely honorable lady she asking specifically about the issue of the single market and trading with the european union and i have been very clear we're ambitious in getting the best possible deal in trading with and operating within the single european market. >> we have 556 million homes for infrastructure in the north of england but despite this, the m-55 is still not that. and can she do everything she can to ensure this vital of a project for jobs and it's delivered without further delay. >> prime minister.
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>> i commend my friend for the hard work he has put in. there is to be a significant sum of funding from a developer and my friend has been working with the developer and the counsel on this particular issue will be meeting this afternoon to discuss this in more detail. >> thank you mr. speaker. can i join the prime minister in wishing everyone a very happy st. andrews day wherefore they're celebrating it all around the world. last week mr. speaker the statement revealed the abject failure of this governments economic strategy. economic growth was revised down. wage growth was revised down. borrowing and debt revised up.
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and it was actually a fail where you are. prime minister -- i'll give the right honorable gentleman some facts. it says this will be the fastest growing advanced economy in the world. unemployment is down. we have record numbers of people in employment and we have companies like nissan and jaguar, landrover, honda, google, book, apple, investing in the u.k. securing jobs here in the united kingdom. that's what a good economic plan does. >> they did tell us that the deficit would be eradicated by 2015. this is in advance to 2020 and now it's been advanced to whenever in the future but since she quotes the institute of fiscal studies i think she is being a little bit selective
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because they also went on to say that the prospect for workers over the next six years was and i quote dreadful and went on to say creating and i quote the worst decade for living standards since the last war and probably since the 1920s. isn't it fair to say that those just getting by are suffering all the pain for no gain? >> prime minister. >> i have to say given that he can't differentiate between the imf and the iff is probably a good job he's sitting there and i'm standing here. >> let's think about the people that are finding life difficult and are struggling to get by and
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job security and have a home but are worried about paying and mortgage and their children's education and whether their children will be able to buy a home. we have increased the national living wage and introduced the national living wage and we're increasing the number of affordable homes being built but we can only do this if we have a strong economy and our plan delivers that economy. >> home leslie has doubled and if the prime minister believes the economy is doing well. why is she forcing through 2 billion pounds of cuts.
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>> what is important is that we remember those that are benefitted from it and we remember those that are paying for it. the universal credit system is there to ensure that people that work will always pay for people. >> he believes in a welfare system where people are able to live on benefits.
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>> child poverty is rising and now covers 4 million children across this country our people are suffering because of the policies of our government. people are paying the price for her failed economic experiment. they even abandoned the previous pledge for the so-called national living wage paying at least 9 pounds per hour by 2020. what is the new pledge on living wage. and fewer families in relative poverty and i come back to the point i have been making in answer to his previous questions. it's only possible to do these
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things by having a strong economy. the one thing we know -- the one thing we know is that the policy would not deliver a strong economy is the policy to increase borrowing by $500 billion pounds. and the former shadow treasury minister said to double the income tax and double counsel tax and double vat and double national insurance. and that would tell anybody in the work place. >> lies on borrowing and the
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deficit is decreasing and they're suffering. when she talks about people in poverty i remind her. children going hungry to school in this country because their parents don't have enough money to feed them properly. it is a disfwras and should be addre addressed the chancellor spoke for over 50 minutes. he didn't once mention the national health service or social care. 1.2 million people are lacking the care they need. why was there not would be single penny more for social care in the autumn statement? >> priel minister. >> there is no doubt the social care system is underpressure. we recognize that. there are -- if you just look -- just look at the fact that there are 1 million more people aged over 65 today than there were
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in -- not 2010. we see the sort of pressures on the social care system but that's why the government is already active to put more money into the social care system. more money through the better care fund. 3.5 billion extra through the bitter care fund and more money through the social care precept but it's also important that local authorities and the nhs work together to ensure for example that people have the social care they need so they're not ending up in hospital and there's some very good practice up and down the country and sadly not so good practice and giving the best possible service to people that need it. >> there's a tragic parallel because an underfunded social care system all over the country and she knows it and indeed she might care to listen to the council who says it's been cut to the bone and saves on social care. we have a 1.3 billion gap not
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being funded. it is a real crisis in every social services department all over the country and in almost every nhs hospital. next year mr. speaker this government is handing back 605 million pounds in corporation tax cuts rising to 1.6 billion the year after that and 7.5 billion over the next five years. so could the prime minister explain to the elderly people not getting the care they need to the 4 million on the waiting list to the mills worried about losing the protection, why there is not one penny extra for the nhs or social care. just what is this government's real sense of priorities? >> he talks about funding social care and funding the national health service. 3.8 billion pounds extra is going into the national health
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service. this year we would have seen 1.3 billion less going into the national health service. >> they said local authorities would get not a penny more. conservatives putting money in and labor would deny it. >> thank you mr. speaker. on a cross party basis we were establishing the national commission on loneliness when she was brutally measure murdered. this is now being continued by the honorable lady. does my right and honorable friend agree that loneliness is
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an issue for all our communities and will she urge her ministers to engage with the commission as it reports next year and for the very dig any identified way in which they have matters that must have been very arrowing with them and i'm very pleased that they're taking forward the work of loneliness. and it's encouraging individuals to give their spare time to be with somebody who is there. and people's psychological
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health. >> very happy st. an due's day to everybody celebrating in scotland and around the world. mr. speaker. >> there's nothing to celebrate about the humanitarian catastrophe befalling the people of syria at this time. the situation in the city of aleppo is described as being so bad that it could be one of the biggest mass kearse of civilian population since world war ii. what can the u.k. and the international community do to end the suffering of the people of syria?
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we want to see an opportunity for aid, humanitarian aid to have access to aleppo and we will be pressing for that at the security council. >> it's extremely welcome that discussions are taking place in the united nations and we wish success to all of those supporting a humanitarian solution to the crisis there. however things are so bad that the agencies are saying that in aleppo they're so bad that it is descending into hell. time is absolutely of the essence. i know the prime minister sees this matter. we're in agreement. please can i appeal to her? can everything be done now to aleve the situation? >> the right and honorable general is right about the situation and it and we have
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consistently looked at what might be a possible solution and other avenues that we can press for. the security council debate is very important. >> not to be worried about talking to christmas at work is important because many christians are now worried an even fearful about mentioning their faith in public. so would the priel minister join me in welcoming the recent public speak up which confers that the legal rights of freedom of religion and freedom of speech to think about one's faith responsibly respectfully and without fear are as strong today as ever.
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and that's something that we can all be proud of i'm sure we want to ensure that people do feel able to speak about their faith and also quite freely about christmas. >> 30 years ago icon ducted my first funeral and it was for a young teenage boy that was an enormous fan of paul simon so as the curtains closed we listened to the sound of silence and many peel cried. the average cost of a child's funeral today is 3,675 pounds.
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some don't charge anything and some do charge a lot and the social fund is means tested so will the prime minister i ask again please listen to the words of my honorable friend and sign up to her campaign and put an end to the means testing and so no parents when they lose a child have to have the fear of hardship as well as the grief. >> raises a very important point and spoke very movingly in the debate that she called on this issue and spoke from personal experience and i'm sure that i don't think anybody who hasn't been through the death of a child can possibly understand the pain it brings not just immediately but as they see others growing up and their child not growing up. i recognize the issue there are
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measures in place for those families that have hardship cases where money can be given and some local authorities do this. we have left to to put a decision for local authorities and some do wave those fees. >> particularly in rochester. does my right and honorable friend agree that our current school's contribution to education ought to be valued and given every support as part of the educational mix to help
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children achieve their potential. >> i believe there's now 11,000 more children that go to outstanding schools than in 2010. we want to provide a good school place for every child. she references the good work being done to ill prove the quality of education in primary schools. it's exactly what she is looking for we want to remove the legal band on expanding or opening new grammer schools. >> thank you. >> this is a model from america where they're used to deliver pry mat insurance based health care. can the prime minister assure me that they won't be used as a means to introduce private health care into the nhs. >> what they're about is about
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people in a local area determining the shape of health services in that local area in terms of delivering the best service for local people. that's what those are about. obviously every area will be looking very closely at the plans that are being brought forward. what is important is that we do see in those increasingly health services working with local authorities to ensure that they are providing the right level of care in their area. >> this leads us toward a smart and smooth brexit as i like to call it. i am sure that she shares my views and and could be eroded and indeed it's to operate in my
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constituent sy and ensure it in the future. and the government is working to make sure improvement rights and employment regulations will keep pace with this sort of innovati innovation. >> we have seen a significant rise in the number of people in ploilt in this country and that's because we have the economy we have. but i realize the technology is the driver in many of those places. that's why i asked the chief executive to do a report, a review of modern employment practices so we can ensure that the frame work is absolutely the right one as we go ahead for the economy of the future and the jobs of the future and this shows that it is now the conservative party that is the party of working people.
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>> thank you. ministers justify their plan to cut the benefit by promising to recycle some of the savings to improve employment support for benefit clamaints. it's now apparent that funding is not being increased. it's being cut. the target date for that gap is completely abandoned. surely the only honorable course is for the government to abandon it as well. >> i'm pleased to say that over the last three years nearly 600,000 more disabled people have got into the work place. that's very important. of course we want to ensure that all the disabled people able to get into work are given the support needed to do that. that's why we have been about
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the support package in total that people are given. they have individual support through their personal independence payment through the particular long-term costs incurred but also the support package provided to people on the work group that enables them to get into work. >> i welcome my honorable friend and will be able to remain here after brexit and attain similar reassurances for british citizens living and working in the eu. does she share in my disappointment to resolve this
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issue has put eu processes ahead of common humanity. >> as i said earlier i would hope that this is an issue that we can knockout at an early stage of negotiations i think it is right that we want to give reassurance to british citizens living in the eu and to eu citizens living here in the u.k. but i think the reaction that we have seen shows why it was absolutely right for us not to do what the labor party wanted us to do which was simply to give away the guarentee for citizens here in the u. k. that would have left the u.k. citizens high and dry. >> she has been wrong for weeks
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now and she would see stop and when is she going to get a grip and criminal damage and her name. and the right honorable gentleman's area is going to be 2.7 billion pounds and increasing by 2021. it's this government putting more money in the service and the labor party and labor party that says more money is
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irresponsible. >> it contains many a successful industry strategy. great schools. skilled work force. strong infrastructure being surrounded. >> my honorable friend is absolutely right in relation to the development of jobs and the strong economy of the future. we will be developing the industrial strategy. that's an important part of the governments plan for the future. that is looking to issues like infrastructure and skills and ensuring that we can build on the best and encourage the growth we need for the economy of the future and the part of
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the country that my honorable friend represents will be an important part of that growth for the future. >> with the suggestion the visit was not genuine and the church with costs. when i raised this with the leader of the house he spoke about a need for people to return home after visits and then the immigration minister told me in a patronizing letter how to apply for a visa. can the prime minister tell the church why their visitors are not welcome and what message this sends to our faith communities? >> well have a clear visa system. decisions are taken according to the rule in that visa system. the hole secretary has heard the comments that she makes and if she sends the details into the home secretary the home secretary will look at that
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case. >> once will of the british people is delivered to break free from the shackles of the european union, does my right and honorable friend agree that britain stands to benefit from the fantastic opportunity to forge new trade deal with countries like india and the usa and will she meet with members of the institute special trade commission who projected a 50% increase in 15 years as a result of brexit enabling trade to really boost jobs, growth and hope. >> well i'm interested in the results of the commission on this particular issue. i believe absolutely that free trade is the right way to go and we increase growth and prosperity. that's why i want this country to be a global leader on free trade and why we will be looking to forge those new trade deals with other countries around the world as we leave the european
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union but not just that. we will be looking to see how we can improve trade with other countries before we leave the european union. continuing to strengthen our economy and i'm sure the secretary of state will be happy to meet with her and discuss the results of the commissions report. >> i call mr. ronny campbell. >> what plans she has to make super economic zones and i say that in the knowledge of knowing that it was given an economic zone by the last chancellor as we have acres of land on that river. >> prime minister. >> can i join in welcome the honorable gentleman to his
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place. >> we're looking around to see if our opportunities for economic growth and how we can encourage those opportunities to be taken up and what is important is that i want to see economic growth and prosperity being spread across the whole country so we do see an economy that works for everyone. >> stewart andrew. >> it's an important part of the u.k. economy and leads as an important hub in this sector. in welcome the billion pound investment can i urge my friends to ensure that yorkshire gets it's fair share so we can build on the suck setsz and make leave the capitol of this industry. >> prime minister. >> i recognize the role that is played by the creative and digital industries in our economy and also recognize the
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example of the vie brans of those and i am pleased we are able to invest in broadband and that will bring better connections to 2 million more homes and businesses and i'm sure they'll have a central roll to play in this. >> prime minister government published a green paper on corporate governments emphasizing the importance of gender and race diversity and icon garage late her for that but why then has her secretary of state blocked the appointment of a black woman to the channel 4 board. does she think there isn't a woman or black person in the country worthy of being on the board at channel 4. >> prime minister. >> well i thank him for the welcome he has given to the
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paper. i'm not aware of the particular case he has referred. all i would do is say this to him. in look at public appointments a very careful process is undertaken to ensure that people that are pointed have the skill set and requirements needed to play the role that is being required. i will look into the issue he has raised and issues around the sort of questions he has raised don't come into it. it is about who is right for the job. >> thank you mr. speaker. response to has already been mentioned. can icon garage late the prime minister with her work on individual member states in this important matter but does she share our disappointment and will she join me in calling for this important matter to be
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raised in two weeks time at the next european council meeting. >> prime minister. >> i recognize the concern that he has and that other members of the house have on this particular issue of the rights of eu citizens and u. k. citizens. it's here in the u.s. and other member states of the european union. >> but of course the negotiations will have up to two years to run as the treaty sets out and as i said i hope they'll be able to address this at an early stage to give people the reassurance that they need. >> will she meet with me and my
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constituent to understand what further pressure can be put on so that the family can get answers and understand who brought this terrible crime against their family member? >> well i understand the concern and obviously the deep concern she has to find out what happened in this terrible tragedy. i understand that the minister of the foreign office is actively working on this question and i'll ask him to discuss and see what else can be done to see exactly what the foreign office is doing on this issue. >> december 7th marks the 75th anniversary of the japanese attack on pearl harbor and this weekend on american history tv we're remembering that day.
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the u.s. army film know your enemy japan portrays japan as a nation did he recalled to rule the world through military contest and they would have them. >> survivors where 1,177 crew men were killed on december 7th, 1941 recall what had they witnessed on that day and at 6:00 eastern on american artifacts. >> it was commissioned in 1944 and saw action in the pacific. she is often remembered for one event and that is the surrender of japan at tokyo bay. >> part of the world war ii national monument home of the
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uss arizona memorial for the complete schedule go to the attack that prompted the u.s. industry into world war ii. you'll hear president roosevelt's declaration of war addressed to congress. >> a date which will live in infamy. >> the british and american people will for their own safety and the good of all walk together. >> and veterans at pearl harbor on the day of the attack. featured on cspan radio saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern. listen at or the free cspan


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